How toHow to invest in cryptocurrency in India

    How to invest in cryptocurrency in India

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    Investing in cryptocurrencies in India is now easy. You can start investing in cryptocurrencies via a crypto trading platform. When you signup, each platform will give you a guide on how to trade.

    Investing in cryptocurrencies in India?

    The best option to invest or trade cryptocurrency in India is using a crypto trading platform in India such as WazirX. It is best to make sure it supports the option to both INR deposits and withdrawals directly with your bank account. For beginners, I highly recommend not to spend a lot on cryptocurrencies, It’s highly volatile. And always use legit trading platforms that are currently in India.

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    What is Bitcoin?

    Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency that can’t be controlled or adjusted by any individual or association on the grounds that no single substance possesses the organization.

    Which Cryptocurrency trading platform do I choose?

    • Purchase from platforms that do proper KYC before selling Bitcoins
    • The platform should be registered in India
    • The platform should accept money only via Bank and not by cash. The bank may include Cheque, Demand Draft, NEFT, RTGS or IMPS
    • The platform gives a proper record of buying or selling of Bitcoins.

    The top crypto trading platforms in India

    My personal opinion will be using Binance with WazirX. Currently, it has a good user interface for beginners, It has its own wallet, low trading fees and optional features like 2FA etc. Most importantly you can deposit and withdraw to your Bank account. Since WazirX can be integrated with Binance, you will get more crypto pairs for trading. Do Note:- Sometimes these Indian trading platforms tend to be slow on their real-time graph updates. So, if you are trading do watch the order book. Or alternatively, you can move your funds to Binance without a fee and trade if you integrate both accounts.

    What is the minimum amount to invest?

    Well, most of the crypto trading exchanges or platforms support as low as 50 INR. And some 100 INR.

    Should I invest in cryptocurrency in India?

    Well, it’s only up to you. The cryptocurrency markets are highly volatile. High profits and losses can be seen in a matter of minutes if you are not careful. Investing in cryptocurrencies in India is now easier than ever, But the high volatile market is something you should be careful of.

    What about investing in Dogecoin?

    My opinion will be not to invest much in Dogecoin unless you are that much sure. Take it as a lottery. It might reach $1 or it might go down too.

    You can also earn Basic Attention Token (BAT) a cryptocurrency while using the Brave browser, which is a good Alternative to Google chrome. And which also block Ads and trackers.

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