SmartphoneiOSTop photo editing Apps for iOS you should try

    Top photo editing Apps for iOS you should try

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    Fed up with dull snaps! Yes, we all want that best pic to post on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram. Photo editing apps for iOS are gaining attention these days. Well, here is a list of top photo editing apps for iOS.

    #1 Adobe photoshop express

    We cannot exclude Adobe photoshop express from photo editing apps that have updated new looks and text styles in the application. The key features are unlimited photography, perspective correction, remove noise, apply blur, personalize with style, choose from hundreds of looks, effects, and filters, assembling stunning pic collages, spot healing, quick fixes, quality photo import and sharing.

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    #2 VSCO

    VSCO helps in expressing your photos more attractively and connect with a creative community. The features showcased in VSCO are the use of basic editing tools like contrast, saturation, and grain, also recreate vintage film looks by Kodak, Fuji and Agfa. There is a free 7-day trial for VSCO membership. After the trial, there is an annual subscription fee. It is available for free, but there are certain in-app purchases.

    #3 Snapseed

    Snapseed is a professional photo editor app that Google has developed. The key features are 29 tools and filters including healing, brush, HDR. It can open files of both JPG and raw formats. In Snapseed you can save your desired looks and apply them to new photos later on. There are tap and go filters that provide a professional touch for photo editing. It also has a dark theme mode within the settings.

    #4 Focos

    Focos is one of the best iOS Apps for photo editing. It has many cool features and effects that make your photo feel like truly professional. It comes with great features like real bokeh effects, which gives DSLR like the bokeh effect. You can take photos with a shallow depth of field. The depth of fields of every photo is calculated automatically with the help of machine learning. It has a lot of other amazing features like Re-focus, simulated aperture diaphragms, options to simulate lens characteristics,  Visualize the depth of areas within your portrait photos in a 3D view, Add multiple lights in a 3D space, etc. I am sure Focos will surprise you with its features and quality.

    #5 Adobe Lightroom Photo Editor

    Adobe Lightroom Photo Editor would be the best choice for photographers to bring life in their photos. It is a free photo editing app as well as can be used as a camera app. There are in-app purchases and the variety of features offered by Adobe Lightroom Photo Editor are easy-to-use image editing tools, presets, filters for pictures, retouch light and colors to distinguish them from the crowd, healing-which is used to remove unwanted elements from the image, pro-level camera, the edits used once could be saved for future use.

    #6 TouchRetouch

    TouchRetouch was developed by ADVA soft and it used to remove unwanted objects from photos. It can be used to remove pimples, skin blemishes, streetlights, trash can, etc. Using single touch you remove any minor things and by drawing a line you can remove a whole section. Tools used for the same are removal tool-brush lasso mark, adjust stamp size, opacity, clone tool-for duplicating objects.

    #7 Afterlight

    Afterlight suits for those who want to have a quick edit on their photos. It is a simple app with features like 15 adjustment tools, 59 filters out of which 27 fully adjustable original filters, 14 guest filters, and 18 new season filter pack, 66 textures, cropping and transforming tools, frames-77 simple and adjustable frames. Certain in-app purchases can be used.

    #8 AirBrush

    Airbrush is a highly preferred app for editing photos. It helps in achieving perfection for your photos with user-friendly retouch tools and cool filter options. Airbrush undergo constant up-gradation and have features such as blemish and pimple remover, whiten teeth and brighten eyes, perfect skin in every photo, slim-reshape and lengthen your selfie or photo, artistic retouching features, add depth and style to you photos, real-time editing technology, and natural-radiant filters.

    #9 Pixelmator

    Pixelmator is a powerful and fully-featured app developed for ios. It enables us to create edit and express the images in a better way. The app is compatible with Mac, iPad, and iPhone and works well. Various tools in Pixelmator are enhancing image colors, tweak pictures with powerful color adjustments, remove unwanted objects, reshape images, clone, blur, sharpen images. There are also painting tools present in the app.

    #10 Affinity photo

    Affinity photo is a must include app among the various photo editing apps for android. It received awards like Apple App of the year, TIPA best imaging software, etc. The various features incorporated in Affinity photo include raw editing, HDR merge, panorama stitching, focus stacking, batch processing, PSD editing, 360 image editing, digital painting, and smart object support.

    #11 LightX photo editor

    LightX photo editor is a complete photo editing app. It incorporates features such as cut out and photo background changer, color splash photo effects, merge photos, professional image editing tools like-curve, lens, color balance, perfect your selfie and portrait photos, advanced photo transform tools, blur photo editor, shape manipulation. Other tools like Photo stickers, doodle drawings are also available.

    Note:- These numerical order does not indicate any ranking

    This is our first list of top photo editing apps for iOS. Feel free to comment below if you have any better App suggestions than these. Also, check out our list of Best websites for listening to free music.


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