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Best websites for listening to free music

Hello everyone, this time I will be writing about the best free websites for listening to music. We need music to tag along with our emotions. We have music downloaded in our device’s laptop/pc, mobile phone, iPad, iPod and many more but say only limited. Well, if you want to listen to new/old trending music and for free too. There are plenty of websites offers free music stream.

Check out these sites to stream free music and you can also download music from some of them. Here’s our list of websites for streaming music for free.

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Note:- These numerical order does not indicate any ranking

#1 Internet Archive’s Audio Archive

Internet Archive’s Audio Archive has millions of free music, radio stations, podcasts, and they also have their own Live music archive. It also has a lot of filter options like date published, creator name, concerts, rock, melody, funk and a lot more.


  • Music can be previewed
  • Free audio download available
  • No need of signing in for downloading the music
  • Downloads in several audio formats are available
  • Music can be sorted and filtered


  • Difficulty in navigating the website
  • Lower music quality when compared to other music download sites

#2 Spotify Music

Spotify Music is trending right now, its cool user interface, the vast collection of albums make it better. There are plenty of Ads for Spotify Premium subscription. But, there is also a free version of Spotify Music which also has a web player. That means you don’t always need to install the Spotify mobile App for playing songs online.


  • Vast options for browsing music
  • Indie Artist albums
  • Cool user interface
  • A mobile app is also there
  • Spotify connect helps to control tracks on mobile, desktop or tablet while playing in any one of these


  • There are Ads
  • A user account should be made to download the music. (it’s free to create one)
  • On the free plan, songs can be played in shuffle mode and you can only skip up to 6 times per hour, every hour.

#3 Jamendo Music

These free songs at Jamendo Music are made available by artists who wish to give free music to be enjoyed by the masses. The most popular and trending music can be discovered at Jamendo.


  • Vast options for browsing music
  • Download option available
  • It has an online radio
  • Can download music
  • A mobile app is also there


  • Only mp3 format can be downloaded
  • A user account should be made to download the music. (it’s free to create one)
  • Free download does not provide HD quality


we can choose from a variety of artists and stations. top billboard hits and similar playlists are available to stream. If you sign in, more options will be available. We can also play popular hits from our favorite artists and their radio is also available. Video with lyrics is also available too.


  • Lots of contents
  • No ads


  • Only Radios are available
  • No download option
  • Difficult in finding some songs

#5 Soundcloud

It is one of the famous music websites that lets you stream music for free. These are uploads of by professional artists and independent musicians. Not all music is free to download and it is required to like a Facebook page to get the file.


  • Lots of contents
  • Contains music of new, well-known, upcoming artists
  • Streaming is possible before downloading
  • It is easier to find free music downloads when compared with other music sites


  • Need to log in for downloading free music
  • Difficult in finding free music

#6 Audiomack

The Audiomack website is very easy to use. Search for songs, albums, and artists or Trending sections can be easily made. The website also has a page to find all the newest music at Audiomack. Music genres on this website include reggae, pop, R&B, hip-hop, instrumental, etc. You can download music at Audiomack without a user account.
Audiomack works on both Android and iOS devices too.


  • All songs are streamable
  • Its is easy to find popular songs
  • User account not needed
  • A mobile app can be used for streaming music


  • Can’t download all songs
  • No option to find free music only


It is one of the famous and free music streaming websites available, you can search by artist name, song name and many more. There are thousands of free music available at pandora.


  • Can find the music you like
    Adaptive on devices
  • All music is free to listen
  • You can skip unlimited times if you watch ads


  • Contains ads
  • Only available on the US
  • Need to watch video ads for selecting specified tracks

Hope you enjoy music from these sites. Feel free to comment below if you have any better online music websites than these.

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