APPSTop 10 Reasons Why You Need To Switch From WhatsApp To Telegram

    Top 10 Reasons Why You Need To Switch From WhatsApp To Telegram

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    The Emerging Telegram

    If you think Whatsapp as the best messaging app then you will have to reconsider that the Telegram as the Master of messaging. There are too many reasons why you need to switch from Whatsapp to Telegram. Even though Whatsapp is just for sending and receiving messages, Telegram serves as far better than any other messaging services. These are some of the best features of the telegram that does not even exist in WhatsApp.

    Top 10 Reasons Why Telegram is Better

    1.Privacy and Security

    Unlike other messaging apps it cannot be hacked that easily because they are so concerned about user privacy and not even share any pieces of information to the 3rd parties. Both WhatsApp and Telegram have End to end encryption. Even though there was a news regarding WhatsApp will be publishing ads in the status feeds, which will be the most annoying thing gonna happen in WhatsApp. But don’t even think about ads when you are using Telegram. It’s completely free. You can even use Secret chats, which is highly end-to-end encrypted. Can share your passport and other confidential files with no worries.

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    2. Cloud Storage

    Same like WhatsApp, telegram also stores your chats, images, voice clips, files, and everything. But there is a difference. WhatsApp stores everything into your phone and later you can back up into your Google Drive. If you didn’t back up your phone, you might lose every chat history including the files and photos one day. But that’s not the case in the telegram. Telegram stores every inch of information into their computers .ie their servers. Even though if you lost your phone or you need to view the chat history, everything will be persisted in their servers until your account is killed forever.

    Even though, Google drive only provides you with the space of 15GB excluding the WhatsApp backup. But Telegram provides you with unlimited storage capacity and stores every piece of information from the time you started chatting with someone else in the telegram. And the data can be lost forever only in two ways, either you have deleted the message or your account is being killed because of your inactivity for more than 6 months. You can change this option in settings.

    3.File Sharing

    In WhatsApp, you can share the file only after downloading it and also it limits the size of the file by pixelating that can be shared. The telegram has no such rules. You can share any type of file even before downloading it. Also, you can share the file up to the size of 1.5 GB. But in WhatsApp, you can only share files below 15MB. And also they don’t allow sharing of some types of file.


    Whatsapp will be working mostly on your smartphone, if needed you can use the desktop version by scanning the QR code. So each time when you want to visit Whatsapp in Webbrowser, you will have to scan the QR code and need to connect the device. But in the case of Telegram, it’s a Cross-Platform oriented application. In which you can view the telegram messenger in your smartphone, as well as in your browser, as well as a software application in windows and iOS and even you can use them in your SmartTV. Everything will be connected to each other by one-time verification OTP.

    5.Groups and channels

    Whatsapp is worthless in this case since It only provides groups with 257 members only. In that case, Telegram is like a whole world. Where each group can have countably endless members, from all parts of the world. Unlike WhatsApp groups which are most of the times inactive, Telegram groups are always active and there are always people online to talk to each other. There are also channels, where only the admin can send messages and other documents.

    6.Multiple Account

    Unlike Whatsapp, You can have only one WhatsApp account at a time or you can add another one by using another 3rd party apps like parallel, which is quite annoying. In that case in Telegram, You can simply add a new account by just adding your new number to the user accounts. Which is also quite easy to shift from different accounts. Just like Instagram.

    7.Safe Login and Auto Destruction

    Unlike WhatsApp which is not so secure in a way that, anyone who has your SIM can access to your WhatsApp. Which is not at all secure. But in that case, Telegram acts like a superagent. In which you can keep a Two-Step Verification code for each first time login in different devices. If the password is forgotten, you can recover it from your Email ID given at the time of Two-Step Verification. There is also an option called delete your account if you are away from the time allotted like 6 months or 1 year. If so all your secret chats, messages, resources and all will be deleted permanently forever. This makes Telegram more secure than any other messaging apps.

    8.Passcode Chats

    Unlike WhatsApp, all chats are kept open all the time and no chats can be kept as a secret. But in Telegram, there is an option for you to set Passcode for secret chats, same as the Hike messenger app. So only when the passcode is correct, you can view or text through the secret chats. If the passcode is forgotten, you will have to uninstall the app and reinstall it. And all your secret chats will be deleted permanently.

    9. Customizations

    Unlike any other messaging apps, Telegram will provide you with a wide range of Customization. Starting from importing themes to assigning colors to different chats. Even provide you with light and Dark Mode for the whole app interface. Comes with Auto-Night Mode to convert from light mode to dark mode at the time of sunset and sunrise. Comes with chat Background for all the chats. Different Notification sounds, and other customizations for each chat, groups, and channels in Telegram.

    10. Bots

    Unlike other messaging apps, Telegram Grants you with Bots, that can be created using any other 3rd party apps, or by using Python programming language. That is a kind of AI assistant, which is much similar to Ok Google, where you can ask the Bots for anything, like questions, searches, and any other contents of that particular group or channel. Each channel or groups can have different bots, which is created for the distinct purpose of that particular group or channel.

    By Summing-up, I suggest you and your friends move to telegram as soon as possible. Which is much better and easier than any other messaging apps in the world.

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