SmartphoneAndroidAndroid Q Coming with Mind Blowing Features

    Android Q Coming with Mind Blowing Features

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    Mind Blowing Features of Android Q

    Android Q is the latest mobile Operating System for the Android Powerd devices, and even though Android Pie was released recently, I know you will definitely jump to Android Q as soon as possible. Android Q is stuffed with many new features like the overall system-wide dark mode, better permission usage options, Focus mode, Live caption and many more. If you are looking for the top features of Android Q, I think you are on the right spot.

    Android Q beta version was first released for Google pixel 2 and pixel 3  devices. That was released on March 13th,2019. So far only Google-powered Pixel devices support Android Q. And the next upcoming beta versions will be supported for most of the premium smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S10, Nokia 8 and for other Chinese smartphones too.

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    The Top Features Of Android Q

    System-Wide Dark Mode

    So far there were many rumours about the System-wide dark mode from the Android Nougat version. Even after two Android release, Android Q was the first OS to feature a System-wide Dark Mode. It comes with an option in the settings showing Night Mode. Either turn on or off.  It was the request of million Android Users worldwide. Finally satisfied with the lovely wish.

    Customized Themes

    Android Q comes with an option for theme customization. You can change the entire colour of the UI as per your wish. Which includes different colours like black, green, blue, red, yellow and purple. When you change the colour all the system UI colour gets changed. From the slide menu to power buttons.

    Better UI

    Android Q will be coming up with a better user interface. The overall UI gets updated with a better UI, which is much similar to the latest Gmail and other Google apps. Another important feature for the Android Q is for the app permission. This will give you a better understanding of the control of how specific apps on your smartphone have access to. For example, when an app requires location permission, the system UI will specifically ask whether to allow permission all the time or allow only when the app is in use and the last option with denying.

    Built-in Screen Recording

    That’s the next thing! Nowadays Screen recording apps being downloaded across millions. So Google is trying to implement in the system itself. So far it’s difficult to enable the screen recording as it resides in the developer mode. But in other Customized ROMs like MIUI, EMUI, OneUI are all prebuild with the screen recording, which can be accessed from the notification panel itself. I am hoping that this Screen recording in Android Q will be updated with a much user-friendly way in the next update. Since its the next most requested feature in Android Q as per the reports.

    Say bye to Back Button

    The iconic back button which was the backbone of the Android smartphones is going to bid a bye from us. Since these days all the Android, as well as iOS users, uses gestures. which is pretty simple and easy as well. So Google is planning to remove this back button from the Android Q version, Instead implements gestures. Hope you are familiar with Andoird Pie gestures. Same as it is, but little more improved version. One swipe from sides of the smartphones will take you back. A swipe from bottom to top will open the app drawer. And a long swipe and pause will take you to the recent apps. Hope this is pretty easy.

    No Scrolling ScreenShot This Time

    Google last day announced that scrolling screenshots are infeasible so they are ready to remove them from the Andoird Feature. So starting from Android Q there won’t be Scrolling Screenshots anymore. Even though if you need one, You can get them from the play store like LongShot.

    Live Caption

    These days a video without a caption is too difficult for the deaf and hard for earing people, to understand what’s being said in the video or through any other online streaming media. To avoid this trouble Google is implementing Live Caption to Android Q version. In which real-time captions will be generated according to the sound and the voice of the videos without the need of an Internet. You can enable it on the accessibility settings in Android Q.

    Better Share Menu

    Android share menu is being updated this time. Since there were many complaints that the share menu is taking time to load. So, for now, it’s being optimized and is now loaded at the time of starting the Android app. Now it loads much faster and better than usual. Now we can create a customized share option, which is known as share shortcuts. In which develops can create a share option that can send specific files to a specific part of the Android app.

    Focus Mode

    Focus mode enables the user to keep all the apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp, and all other distracting apps into a not working mode. In which you can decide which apps should be whitelisted from these. But all the messages from WhatsApp and SMS will be received, but it can’t be seen until the focus mode is turned off. This mode will be added to the sound bar settings in both Android Pie and In Android Q as well.

    So far Android Q is coming to Top 21 devices around the world for now. That includes OnePlus, Nokia, LG, Sony, Asus, Xiaomi, Huawei, Vivo, Realme, Oppo, Essential, and Tecno Mobiles. Hope that your smartphone comes under these categories. Update soon and Stay tuned for more Android News.

    Image Source: xda-developers

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