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Jack Daniel’s Augmented Reality APP

Augment Reality is an interactive experience where an object in the real world gets augmented by computer-generated concepts in today’s world. These days most of the marketing and ads are done via AR(Augmented Reality). That will showcase the users with AR videos or animations mostly or images sometimes. This is the new way of publishing ads through the internet. But these days we need a specific app for that particular product in our smartphone, to view the AR contents. There are many situations these days where we can see AR in the real world. Like the tech Giant Facebook is testing AR content in its news feeds for publishing Ads and other contents, OnePlus, Jack Daniel and other major popular apps are using AR contents these days. Jack Daniel’s Augmented Reality App is one of them.

Jack Daniel's Augment Reality APP


Jack Daniel in collaboration with Tactic, an AR developing company developed an Android application as well as for iOS. Thich will showcase an AR experience to the user in the form of an AR book. After the pop up of the book, all the past of the Jack Daniel company will be shared with the user in the form of a black and white animation. Beginning from how the company started, how their brand name came from, to how their every product are been made through a different process.

Jack Daniel's Augment Reality APP


For this, we need a Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Bottle and the mobile application. After scanning the bottle position, environment, text, and other objects there will be a pop of book. In which it will showcase the past of the Jack Daniel starting from the whiskey manufacturing from step by step process, from the source of water, barrel making, fermentation, distillation process, and so on. And then shows the storage process of how the products are been stored. And finally, they will describe the only one Founder called JACK DANIEL, his past, and everything.

Moreover, there are legal conditions to view this AR Experience. In a way, you must be 21 years of old for legal viewing this AR content. Since its an offence to view or to Experience alcoholic content for people who are below the age of 21. If you are 21 or above age give a try.

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